srini_vas (srini_vas) wrote,

A much awaited, dreamt of and about to realize uphill task - Athens Classic Marathon

I have been talking about participating in Athens Marathon, at the birth place of Marathon with a story that takes us back 2500 years, back to 490 BC, for a long time. Finally, it is time. I am all set to trace the foot steps of Pheidippides, 2500 years after his triumphant run and death, on 31st October.

I overcome the last hurdle to enter into Greece; the Greece Visa has been approved, though only after an unnecessary personal interview in Delhi. Next week by this time, I should be in Athens, waiting eagerly for the run with around 36 hours to go. The elevation map looks as follows.

Around 70% uphill and 30 % downhill and almost no flat stretch at all. A daunting task for me by any standards. But, the best part is, they are going to keep the course open for 8 hours and that's much more than enough to enjoy the route, run, mild winter weather and of course an exotic and historical place.

Dilip is joining me for the run and we are going to visit few more places after the event. Madrid, Barcelona, Baden-Baden (Germany) and Paris are part of the plan. Depending on the time and convenience, I may visit Amsterdam as well.

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