srini_vas (srini_vas) wrote,

How is Sunny doing ?

Is Sunny dead ? Or is it just hibernation or suspended animation ? What ever. The Cafe-Coffee-Days and Baristas in Bangalore don't ask my name (unlike Starbucks), when I order Kapi Nirvana or Cafe Mocha. Even if they ask, Srinivas is such a common name (when I was in school, the number of my namesakes used to be always in double digits, in my class). So, Sunny will hibernate till my next visit to Starbucks.

The last few weekends have been quite engaging. A weekend office outing at Kabini Jungle Lodges and Resorts, another long weekend visit to home town and my little darling, and of course a Marathon. Kaveri Trail Marathon occupied a weekend, though the show was poor, with me doing only half-marathon (though aimed at full). But, it really helped me get out of mediocrity and take the next step towards the real stuff. Though 2 years is not a big time for distance runners (particularly for people like me, with very modest beginning. I remember keeping my legs in hot water with a lot of salt for an hour, after doing a 6 KM dream run in Mumbai Marathon 2006 :) ), it is time for me to aim at the next level. I have started working towards a sub 5 hour Marathon (I have been saying this for a year, but, started only now). It may take a year with my current fitness levels. But, I will be there.

Athens Classic Marathon
is just a couple of weeks away. Itinerary, tickets, plan etc., are ready. (Thanks to Dilip, an expert in planning Europe trips, who is also running his own venture: ) The final hurdle is Visa. Visa interview is scheduled on 20th at Delhi. I don't see any reason for not getting through.

Another test run at Nandi Hills is calling this weekend. 6.7 KM uphill and downhill through the same route, with a bit of higher elevation than Athens course. Though it would be torturous, I will get a first hand experience of a long downhill run, which I can't do on a treadmill.

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