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The Last Weekend - Ending a 3 Month Holiday

Three months flew like a few days. I wanted to utilize the last weekend in California, before getting back to Bangalore, to the fullest. Saturday went in retracing those Marathon foot steps with my new baby. Loaded the cycle on car and headed for San Francisco, early in the morning. Started pedaling right at the Marathon start line. A buzzing and lively city, Himalayan weather, beautiful scenery made it an awesome ride. Ride on Golden Gate Bridge is quite an experience. The 3 KM long bridge, which is a mild uphill from both sides, with nothing to block cold waves from Pacific, has a lot to offer to cyclists. After doing an out and back ride on the bridge,I reached Golden Gate National Recreational Area, which is not like Yosemite in scale, but a sprawling one, nevertheless. Around 50 KM ride concluded at Osha, a sea side Thai restaurant, and as usual divine spirits and food followed :)

During that drive of a lifetime, I missed the last part of the Pacific Coast Highway between Monterey and Half-Moon Bay. And, I have the last Sunday without any plan. Quickly finished breakfast on Sunday and was out to cover the missed part. I took a deviation from a highway and reached Redwood city. The route between Redwood city and Half-Moon bay goes through a scenic forest with tall trees and full of bends, making it an excellent drive. Frequent cyclists keep a tab on speed. Half-Moon bay -> Santa Cruz -> Monterey completes Pacific Coast drive. Visited the famous aquarium in Monterey, and could catch a glimpse of different types of Jellyfish, Octopus and a lot more. For the first time, I saw a few penguins and the funny penguin walk.

Everything, good and bad, has to come to an end. So is this three month holiday (Hope, my manager is not reading this. He actually complained sometime back that I have not been updating my journal of late. So, should be fine). Just few more hours left before catching a flight to Hong Kong. I am looking forward to the 12 hour break that I have in Hong Kong. Thanks to Ripul  and his cousin, I already have a tightly packed itinerary for 12 hours there :) Should be reaching Bangalore on Sunday, the 5th September.

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