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Book Review: The Diary of an Unreasonable Man

The Diary of an Unreasonable Man
--- Madhav Madhur

A reasonable man adapts himself to the world; An unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.
--- George Bernard Shaw

Love this quote. So, naturally, I picked up this book, during a weekend stroll in Oxford book store. Madhav Madhur has a lot of simple, yet powerful stuff to say in his debutant novel. It is a story of a very normal well educated, highly paid executive who, instead of being in the rat race for his boss' job, chooses to be chased by  mafia dons and Mumbai police, by forming 'The Anarchists of Mumbai' and trying to educate people about life and the world.

The hero, along with 2 like minded friends, throws shit on a 'supposed to be extremely desirable car' during its launch asking 'who needs this shit ?', exposes the visitors of brothels, brings out the nexus between apathetic industrialist and bureaucrats, busts a topnotch fashion show, blasts a mumbai train with fake bombs to remind people that they are living etc., Though many of their acts don't sound great, the author loudly conveys a good message that driving Audi need not be the symbol of success, consumerism need not be the only way to happiness, working day-and-night to own some of 'the most desirable things in the world' need not be taken for granted etc., Though the final message that the author wanted to give to the world is not clear, this book opens up a bunch of points to ponder during those inevitable coffee-breaks at work.

P.S.: Worshipers of books like 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' may not appreciate this book :)

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