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Cool man...
So where next? Bombay? :)

Bombay... would love to do it, if I get long enough break from work :-)

Didnt realize i had left an Anonymous comment..:) Just to clarify - above comment was from me.. :)

No problem. I accept and publish anonymous comments also, particularly when they appreciate :-)

sooopperrr!!! Congraaaattsss!!

"... did just 30 KM so far on his new baby" --- dear sir, i strongly disagree with that statement. i have done 75km on the bike before hitting this trip.

-Anand (the guy on the left)

Ok. Accepted and corrected.

Your account of your trip was so much fun to read! I wish I was there. Next time, you could use your trip to support a cause and spread awareness

Not a bad idea. Will try that too.

O tat was really nice ......So had nice tiring time ...gud keep going ...Sunitha

Good to see the progress from you guys. Someone should ask Anand J to give up smoking so that he could still cover more miles to his record ;-)

Thanks :)
Will pass on the message to Anand J.

amigos not to worry, already quit smoking couple of weeks back.

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